“The Lowdown on the Online MBA” (Stacy Blackman, “U.S. News & World Report”)

In “The Lowdown on the Online M.B.A.,” Stacy Blackman makes several excellent points to consider when applying to online MBA programs. I would add that a strong applicant will need to convince the admissions officer that he or she wants to enroll in this particular program as opposed to any other comparable online MBA program. Do you know which companies recruit MBA students from the program? What career development resources would you use? Which unique electives would you take? It is crucial to mention that you have spoken with at least one student and one professor from the program and discuss what you learned from these interactions that made you want to apply. As yield (the percentage of admitted students who choose to enroll) affects many ranking systems, online MBA admissions readers want to be assured that if they offer you a place in their class, you will accept it.

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