“3 Ways for MBA Applicants to Overcome Weaknesses” (Stacy Blackman, “US News & World Report”)

In “3 Ways for MBA Applicants to Overcome Weaknesses,” Stacy Blackman offers some excellent ideas for addressing weak areas on your business school applications. For those with a weak quantitative background, follow her advice to complete a quantitative course at a community college or with a respected online provider or online MBA program. For applicants without meaningful extracurricular involvements, don’t confuse quantity with quality as most schools won’t ask you to specify your time commitment. Try to get involved with an organization whose mission is aligned with your long-term goals and your reasons for pursuing an MBA. If you are trying to switch from finance to consulting, reach out to a local non-profit or startup and offer to provide pro-bono consulting services. Lastly, many applicants think too narrowly about what leadership involves. You don’t need to have twenty employees reporting directly to you to be a leader. Think of one time you convinced a colleague, supervisor or client to accept an innovative approach or take a completely new direction. It only takes one follower to make a leader!

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