“4 Ways to Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out” (Matt Konrad, “US News & World Report”)

Matt Konrad presents several helpful suggestions for making your scholarship essays stand out from those of other qualified applicants. It is an excellent idea to reach out to former scholarship winners and get their advice on how to approach the application process. Ask them about their successful scholarship application essays and run your own ideas by them as well. Although making an outline will prevent you from rambling or sounding too desperate, it is just as important to sound enthusiastic about what you want to do and clear about how this scholarship will help you achieve your goals. Read the mission statement of the granting organization and don’t be afraid to mention the parts of it that truly appeal to you. I would strongly advise having your essay revised by a professional editor and a trusted friend.

To view the original article, visit http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/the-scholarship-coach/2013/01/31/4-ways-to-make-your-scholarship-essay-stand-out#comments

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