“Top 3 Reasons Medical School Applications Are Rejected” (Ibrahim Busnaina, “US News & World Report”)

In “Top 3 Reasons Medical School Applications are Rejected,” Ibrahim Busnaina provides advice on how to overcome the three largest weaknesses of many applications: low grades, poor extracurricular involvement and lack of safety schools. When explaining low grades, it is important to be honest about the reasons for your poor performance and frank about how you turned it around. The admissions reader wants to know that you have learned from your mistakes and developed the skills to succeed in medical school. In addition, you can compensate for a lack of extracurricular leadership experience by drawing a strong connection between your volunteer, shadowing or research activities and your specific career goals. Did your summer internship in a genetics lab make you realize how much you enjoy being immersed in concentrated bench work or did it make you eager to spend more time interacting with patients? Either way, you have the opportunity to demonstrate a clear career goal, which is what the admissions reader wants. Lastly, apply to at least one safety school to which your chances of being admitted are high. While you can still shoot for the stars, you want to give yourself the choice between attending a safety school and deferring for a year or two in order to strengthen your application.

To read Dr. Busnaina’s article, visit http://www.usnews.com/education/blogs/medical-school-admissions-doctor/2012/02/06/top-3-reasons-medical-school-applications-are-rejected?msg=1

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