“An Expensive, Alternative Route to Medical School” (Brian Burnsed, “U.S. News and World Report”)

In “An Expensive, Alternative Route to Medical School,” Brian Burnsed cautions applicants against applying to a pre-med postbac program without doing their research about the program’s medical school acceptance rate and advising resources. I would add that applicants should speak to a few students who are currently in the program as well as a few who have graduated and are now in medical school. Ask them how the program helped them with the process of applying to medical school. Unfortunately, Mr. Burnsed overlooks the fact that many pre-med postbac students are older, non-traditional applicants who simply did not decide to become health professionals until after college. Some of the best pre-med postbac and medical school application essays that I have revised have been from older applicants whose experience in law, business and the military gave them the maturity and life skills to succeed in medicine.

To read the original article, visit: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-graduate-schools/articles/2011/07/25/an-expensive-alternative-route-to-medical-school

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