Q: Do you only edit the essay once? If I want a second revision, will I need to pay for a second order?

A: It depends! I would say that 75% of my customers respond to my suggestions by adding 3-4 sentences to their edited essay and I am happy to revise and comment on those additions for no extra charge. It helps if you put the new material in bold in the document that you send back to me. About 5% of my customers send me a draft that really isn’t ready to be edited because it lacks personal information or simply sounds too generic. In this case, I reply right away with constructive guidance on how to improve the essay and offer the customer the opportunity to add more specific, personal details before I do my editing. About 5% of my customers are happy with my changes but decide to make significant changes to most of the essay, in which case they place a new order. In addition, if you place an order for 500-1000 words and your essay is only 501 words long, I’m more open to revising new material than if your original essay was 999 words!

Q: How will I know what changes you made to the essay?

A: I always use the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word. Instructions for using it can be found here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/track-changes-while-you-edit-HA001218690.aspx.

I also write my clients a letter at the end of the essay, describing the changes I made and giving specific instructions for how to add material that would fill in any gaps.

Q: Can I call or Skype you during the editing process to tell you more about the context of the essay, clarify my questions about the essay topic, or get your feedback?

A: Sorry, I don’t call or Skype with my clients. I am very happy to email back and forth and follow all of your requests about word or character limits or other requirements. I’ve revised thousands of application essays for all kinds of schools, jobs, scholarships and special situations, so rest assured that I know what I’m doing!

Q: Why do you return the essay in 24 hours?

A: Writing application essays is stressful and I think it is nice to return the essay quickly. If I have a few hours free when I receive your essay, I may get it back to you sooner. However, I never rush an edit and painstakingly proofread my revisions several times before sending the final essay to you. I don’t advertise so I rely on happy customers to spread the word to their friends and families.

Q: Does the essay prompt count as part of the word limit in your service?

A: No! The essay prompt and instructions do not count toward the word limit.

Q: If I send you an 1100-word essay, can you shorten it to 750 words?

A: Absolutely. I actually enjoy shortening essays because the prose tends to become more focused and powerful. Please pay based on the original word count, not the anticipated final length.


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